Email & Webmail

CLS provides email services that support all standard email protocols. This means you get to keep using your favorite email apps while using our service. POP3, IMAP, & SMTP are the most popular, and they allow users to check and send email via desktop email clients like Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as wireless devices like BlackBerry, Treo, and the iPhone.

Our webmail interface not only provides anytime, anywhere access to email, but also includes robust personal data management tools, such as a contact manager, company directories, task lists, a personal calendar with meeting invitations and shared calendars.

Your email will run on a state-of-the-art email hosting system with numerous levels of anti-spam protection. Our spam filtering system rapidly detects spam, phishing and viruses. Users can also control their personal safelists and blacklists to further keep their inboxes clean. Safelists allow certain senders (email addresses, domains, or mail server IP addresses) to bypass the anti-spam system. Conversely, blacklists allow users to block mail from certain senders. Users can also control what to do with spam once it has been identified.



email & webmail
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